The 4th of August 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the day Britain entered one of the costliest conflicts in history – the First World War – with fighting continuing until the 11th of November 1918, Armistice Day.

This website is part of a commemoration of the First World War using photographs not often seen of the period and images taken by Members of the Royal Photographic Society at various military installations that illustrate training in in 2014. The taking of all the modern images has been facilitated by the Ministry of Defence.


An observation tower on the Western Front.


Motorised transport on the Western Front.


Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards in the hastily constructed trenches near Zandvoorde, October 1914.

From the Imperial War Museum archive.


Part of the final training exercise before deployment to Afghanistan.


Motorised transport in use today.

Wreath laying at Zandvoorde

General Officers of the Household Cavalry Regiment lay wreaths at the Regiment’s monument in Zandvoorde, October 2014.